Scavenger – Kill Radio

Know you by waste and not by your face.
Not by introduction, not by handshake.
Not by the things that you own, but the things you dispose
It’s not a case of theft but a case of loan
Scavenger have you heard
I’m sifting through your trash still I’m gonna make it last well
scavenger survivor’s find a way
Still sticky fingers find sticky situations
but in the wake of swept rugs we all need assistance.
So now I’m living off the spoils of leftover generations
equipped with wit and long legs if I need them
to hold my ground but not be found
I’m quicker than the wind but half as
Scavenger have you heard, sifting through your trash
Still I’m gonna make it last well
Scavenger survivor’s find a way
Scavenger have you heard
Sifting through your trash,
Still I

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